Full Version: Something Begins...
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It starts up on the Plates.

Rashes. They can form anywhere, but often they're on hands and faces. Mouth ulcers. Perhaps runny eyes, and stuffy noses. Irritated throats, headaches. At first it's just a handful of people, but as the days pass, it seems to be .. everyone.

Shortly after, it's affecting those down in the Drench too. Fancy doctors with their soothing tinctures and creams are few and far between, so the symptoms that were fairly contained on the Plates run rampant down there.
It doesn't seem to get better. If anything, it seems to be getting worse. Literally no one seems spared. The rashes turn into crusty lesions, frequently itched into open sores. Those with sensitive throats cough and wheeze, stomachs become bloated and gassy- runny stools quickly turn to bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. Fevers are beginning to rise, especially among the elderly. Down in the Drench, there's even been a few deaths, attributed to what seems to have been anaphylactic shock.

But that's not all. Fishermen are concerned about their hauls - many seem afflicted by the same thing, their scales spat out by the same type of lesions. A few reports of dead fish, in a condition that almost resembles salmon rot, have arisen. In a time of lockdown and food shortages it is certainly concerning reports.
It doesn't peak - it merely plateaus. Sure, the lesions and rashes keep spreading over bodies, and sure, there's some blood in the vomit and stools - but it doesn't seem to get much worse than it's been for the past week or so. It just doesn't go away.

Speculation is rife and rampant, conspiracy theories are abundant, and answers sorely lacking.

The fetid stench of rotting carcasses drift up from the Drench - dead fish and mammals litter the waterways and shores, carried into the Drench proper by the occasional Drenak flood. Fish, a staple diet for Kotoll, is suddenly barely consumed at all.
Last night, everything was as usual.

The next morning, the surfaces of fountains and reservoirs on the Plate shimmer and ripple with red. Tap water in pale basins is somewhat off-color too, leaving behind red smears and residue if left to sit.

On closer inspection, the afflicted water on top of the reservoirs is thick with what seems to be blooming algae. Almost immediately there are concerns, shouted out from windows in neighborhoods and crowds gathered along the reservoirs, braving the rain. What is going to be done about this? How will they fix it? Tittering from people unused to such obvious problems affecting them.
( I'm so sorry, this should've been posted just a few days after the last update. )

But it's not just the Plates. Conspiracy theories about Drench sabotage, outrage at the engineers in charge of maintaining the reservoirs - in a few days all of that is washed away, when the waterways and canals of the Drench bloom a deep, rusty red too.
In the days following the {CURRENT} Health Hazard: Algae Bloom broadcast, things do seem to get a little bit better - if you follow their advice. Boiling the water does seem to kill off the algae, and problems related to exposure gradually improve. Skin becomes less red, lesions begin to heal, fevers subside.. and, perhaps most relieving of all, the vomiting and diarrhea eases up.