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for stat purchasing and leveling requirements;
This is currently a temporary space to be able to turn in threads for purchasing your stats to level up as well as putting your leveling requirements.

Here are a few answers to some questions we've received:
  • A vocation tree is simply which branch you want to expand into. It will start with a couple that are the same across the different specializations, but will then branch out to fit each separate side. You just pick the side you intend to specialize in.
  • A brand new character starts at Tier 2 in terms of skills given to you, however, you will still need to purchase the stats leading up to complete that level before you can continue on. (For example, you still need to purchase the vocation stats between Tier 1 and Tier 2 for the general requirements, which is 4 total.)
  • You can turn in threads to purchase stats as you go, we will be keeping track of them until the leveling system is automated!

In the meantime, please follow these forms when applying so we can keep everything neat:

For stat purchasing:

[Character Name] | Tier # and Vocation
[thread=###] Stat wanted, a brief explanation of what the thread was about/how it applies.

Adam | Tier 1 Informant
sometimes I wonder +1 DEX, Adam gets information on weapon manufacturing from Sunjata.

For leveling requirements:

[Character Name] | Tier # and Vocation
<b>General Requirement Here:</b>
Points spent in a vocation <i class="fa-solid fa-check"></i>
Add more here such as meeting people and add in the threads below,
[thread=###] Met so and so
<b>Vocation Requirements Here:</b>
Vocation requirements go here!

Sunjata | Tier 2 Informant
General Requirement Here:
Points spent in a vocation
Meet 4 characters:
{thread=###} Met W
{thread=###} Met X
{thread=###} Met Y
{thread=###} Met Z
Vocation Requirement Here:
Reach 12 Dexterity

Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions on how this works! We understand it can be a bit complicated on the surface but we're hopeful that once we get everything in order it will start to make sense!