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Rexanna Revanti
Nickname Rex
Pronouns She/Her
Age 26 [Early Drenak 1220]
Height 5'5"
Citizenship Unk'Kotoll
Occupation Art Curator
Class Inactive
Vocation Mage
Relationship Single
Face Claim Adelaide Kane
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark brown
A single jagged burn scar along the inside of her left arm.
Will be seen wearing anything from well tailored dresses to a more rugged style of jeans, blouses, and boots.
Ears pierced and often set with gold jewelry. Full lips often painted in hues of deep red. Long dark hair that falls in waves along her shoulders to her chest, trimmed shorter during Kivan. Deep blue eyes that are more akin to sapphire blue than bright blue.
Always put together. There isn't a time out in public where she doesn't have her hair immaculately kept, her clothes clean without a speck on them, makeup along the contours of her face and around her eyes to bring out the deep blue of her gaze.
Rexanna is bubbly in most cases, often considered to be a 'party girl'. She's here for a good time and she often finds it from the lifestyle she lives. She isn't the type to try and reach above her station, content to remain doing exactly the same thing day after day. She can be fiery, though, given the fire magic that she's tied to.
A mother and father, native to Stistun, having moved to Unk'Kotoll to spread their love of art. They live in a townhome on POD whereas Rex has used some of her income to afford an apartment a few streets down.
Following in her parents footsteps of curating art, she's more of a saleswoman for such things. Spending her work days on POSE, selling anything from paintings to sculptures.
Her mother and father moved to Unk'Kotoll before she was born, to try and get the feel of a new life away from Stistun. She was born not shortly after, taking after her father more than her mother with the deep blue eyes.

Her upbringing was relatively easy, thrown into the best schools her parents could afford and brought to the store from a young age, Rex learned what it was like to live and breathe the arts. Even when she started showing the affinity in her bones for magic, her parents were nothing but supportive.

These days, she spends her days working at her parents store and in her off time she's either partying or practicing her magic.
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Primary Mage

T2 Mage

Elements: Fire
  • Null | You are attuned to the null magic of the world and can cause vibrations of energy.
  • Attuned | Gain resistance to one element.
  • Choose one element for refined channeling.

T0 Militant

T0 Informant

T0 Artisan

T0 Survivor

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