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Kaylus Ovidikar
Nickname Cutter
Pronouns He/Him
Age 27 [Early Tanul 1219]
Height 6'2"
Citizenship Unk'Kotoll
Occupation Financial Aid Merchant
Class Inactive
Vocation Artisan
Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Single
Face Claim Keanu Reeves
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Tattoo of the number 1, surrounded by thorns and topped with a golden crown on the inside of his forearm.
Scar on his lower left side, where he was stabbed in the kidney.
Tailored three-piece suits - mainly black attires with a vest beneath.
Ankle boots made of pristine black leather, reminisce of military attire
A strong jawline and a sharp nose.
Clean cut and styled hair is parted, he is never anything but clean shaven and always tries to look impeccable as per his station.
Regular Items
Usually keeps a set of knuckle dusters and a revolver hidden under his tailored jacket.
A small metal case of cigarettes.

A ornate hip-flask. (Secretly contains two liquids)
  • Being in control.
  • Corrupting the innocent.
  • Money and Power.
  • The written Law.
  • Virgins.
  • His Sister.
  • His Children.
  • The Self-Righteous.
  • Losing Control.
  • Disobedience.
  • Those who run from Debt.
  • Being tied down by morals and ethics.
  • Those who think Guilt works on him.
Smiles in almost all situations, even if it is downright disturbing to do so.
Takes interest in servants to the point where he will discretely try to buy their contracts.
Becoming destitute - The world runs off money and influence, his nightmare is to lose all that and fall so far that he can't claw his way back to the top of his field.
Becoming replaced - Kaylus has an unnatural fear of being replaced by a copy like out of old fairytales.
Key Traits
  • Sadist.
  • Schemer.
  • Fearless.
Kaylus is something that people would consider a sociopath, but he does have feelings and he follows his own set of morals. Even if they are not normal nor are they anywhere close to ethical.
He acts outwardly friendly, amiable, and loving. Always the type to donate to the needy, to be the best that he can for the community. Both in Aristocratic society and the lower caste.

However, this is a facade that hides a monster beneath. He has no qualms with ending lives, abusing the broken and damned. As long as he can squeeze some worth out of someone, he will, even if they share blood with him or not. Everyone is just another mark for Kaylus.

In the end, as long as there are gains, he will do the right thing. But, woe to those who have nothing to give Kaylus when he wants more. Because he will do his worse when you are at yours.
Father - Antonio Ovidikar - Deceased (Poisoning)
Mother - Annaliza Ovidikar - Deceased (Childbirth)

Brother - Uriel Ovidikar - Alive - Head of Family Business

Sister - Kaili Ovidikar - Missing (Kidnapped)
Keeps up appearances with his Brother, but they stay out of each other's way.
Doted on his Sister constantly before she disappeared, just when she was supposed to be married off.
Is known to have multiple dalliances and tries to stay unattached. Even giving up the position of Head of his family in order to not grab attention from the Mural House's ire. However, considers each of the House Kusund family.
Works as a Money-lender, Financial Aid Merchant, and a Landlord.
Is known to be lax on repayments depending on the Family's conditions.
While others in the Family learned to work together and develop familial ties, Kaylus was a little different. He was slower to pick up on social cues, slower still to realize that whatever he did on a whim was frowned upon. So his early days were met with discipline and not a lot of love. Perhaps this was why he turned his anger on anything he could lay his hands on, strangling birds or tossing puppies out windows. Just to see them gasp their last breaths before putting on a face and crying because people seemed to want to comfort him whenever something he owned died.
This was the beginning of the end for Kaylus to be normal, as he grew up, he became more controlled and trained like all the others of House Kusund to have military skills and practice. Kaylus showed his best, realizing that a mask was necessary to survive the machinations of the Aristocracy. Though he could never hide his deviancy, which went from animals to people, he kept silent through threats or blackmail. By the age of fourteen, he was beaten by his Father for impregnating six servant girls. The children were whisked away somewhere and the girls were never to be seen again.

Scandals must not stand, yet, all Kaylus understood was to hide his actions better as he knew his father's indiscretions. By the age of seventeen, Kaylus made sure that his Father was a shadow of their former self, unexplained onset of dementia as well as being blackmailed by multiple sources. His Father was forced to step down and leave Uriel in charge of the Family business, before his Father passed away due to mysterious illness. Kaylus earned his freedom and pursued his passion. Which was to basically have everything he wanted, so he crafted his persona to be the type to save those in need, always have money to spare, and to help those in debt out.

Behind closed doors, however, he was known as nothing more than a fancy criminal. Almost abusing his station and writing bureaucratic nonsense that stole the lives of those who signed them. Indentured servants who could sell their daughters to him in order to end years of debt or particular favors that would spell death to some. Kaylus did it all, with a smile and a nod, his briefcase of contracts and army of debt collectors. This wasn't the tip of the iceberg as he found his children in an orphanage, buying up the property, rumors say that he trained them to be assassins or even toys to be used later.

So Kaylus continues to lead a two-faced life of depravity and charity. Saving lives on one hand, only to shift them to the other holding what some would call a collar. This is the life he leads up to this day, clawing at Kotoll like the greedy monster that he has always been inside.
  • Basics
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Social
  • History
Primary Artisan

T0 Mage

T0 Militant

T0 Informant

T2 Artisan

Specialty: Chemist
  • Core Ability: Crafty
  • Your mom always tells you she likes what you make.
  • Can craft 3 items per season.
  • Can sell 3 items per season.
  • Can sell products to NPC store for half value.
  • Can craft D-grade items.

T0 Survivor

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