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Bralen Silog
Pronouns She/They
Age 27 [Early Kivan 1219]
Height 0'
Citizenship Unk'Kotoll
Occupation Drench King under DESPOT
Class Proletariat
Vocation Militant
Face Claim Jade Willoughby
Height 0'
Eye Color
Hair Color
Bralen commands the area beneath the DESPOT, a task that has made her paranoid and twitchy. The apartments here are especially cheap, landlords hand picked by Bralen to ensure they meet certain esoteric requirements.
  • Basics
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Social
  • History
Primary Militant

T0 Mage

T5 Militant General

Weapon Proficiency: Mantis Blades (mastered), Rifle (mastered), Dagger (advanced)
  • You can use a basic weapon of your choice without hurting yourself. Usually.
  • Basic weapon proficiency | Add your PRO stat to all attack rolls.
  • Advanced weapon proficiency | Once per thread, you can choose to roll with advantage when using your chosen weapon.
  • Four times per season you can be paid to train with another character.
  • You have basic proficiency in any weapon you pick up.
  • Master weapon proficiency | Once per thread you can choose to double your damage dealt, BEFORE seeing the roll.
  • +3 Health
  • Rallying Cry | Once per thread you can rally your troops, giving all allies in sight advantage on their next roll.
  • Bloodlust | You can attack twice per round
  • Gain advanced proficiency with a new weapon.
  • Shrug it Off | Once per combat, choose to take half damage from an attack.
  • Fight me! | Once per thread, challenge an enemy. They will focus attacks on you for the next 2 rounds.
  • Juggernaut | You are fully resistant to melee attacks.
  • Advantage on all defense rolls.
  • Gain a unique defensive item with master proficiency.
  • Gain mastered proficiency with your chosen weapon.

T0 Informant

T0 Artisan

T0 Survivor

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No Such Thing As Civil
Bralen, Silas
06-07-2023 by Silas


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