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Cian Ross
Pronouns He/Him
Age 28 [Late Drenak 1218]
Height 6'
Citizenship Garanenz
Occupation Unemployed
Class Inactive
Vocation Mage
Orientation Biromantic/demisexual
Relationship Single
Face Claim Fra Fee
Gender Male
Height 6'
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark brown
Has a small tattoo on the topside of his left forearm, just above the wrist. It is two sun shapes with wavy rays, lying on top of each other. The bottom one gray and the top one black. In the middle of them is a gray hourglass. (The tattoos on the pictures do not represent the tattoos on the character IC - I am too lazy to photoshop them away.)
• Various small, faded scars on his hands and fingers. Probably from cuts and the like through work.
• Long scar on the outside of his right thigh, about half an inch broad, going almost the full length from his hip to knee. From slipping on a ladder and sliding against the corner of a metal shelf.
Subtle colours like black, gray and brown.
Prefers comfort fit. No baggy pants, and no skin-tight either. Long-sleeved shirts are cosy on a not too warm day.
• His tattoo
• The leg scar
Regular Items
• A small toolkit belt-bag, with small screwdrivers and pincers. And lockpicks hidden between the layers of fabric.
• A necklace made up of a leather string. On the string hangs a dark purple resin ring. Inside of it is a braided loop of fine silver string.
• Shade
• Tinkering with gadgets.
Really anything technological that you can be taken apart and put together. Or repaired.
• Most things magical.
• Shiny and/or colourful objects.
• How he never seems to be able to stay on the safe path
• Birds
• Himself when lying to his family
• Doing things without thinking thrice first.
• Fidgets a lot when having to think, especially while under pressure. Most commonly, he moves the edge of his thumbnail up and down over the edge of another fingernail to create a "clicking" sound. When he has to really focus, he tends to link his hands by hooking his fingertips together, as if his own fidgeting would distract him otherwise.
• Making such a bad decision that puts him in a situation he cannot crawl out of.
• Disappointing his family.
• Pain
Key Traits
• Gets restless easily
• Little patience when it comes to himself
• Is not the most brave person when threatened by authority
He can be charming and nice, with the ability to be silly and laugh at himself on occasion. Generally polite and open for a chat with strangers. As anyone, he can have his bad days, but it is not a habit of his to glare people away.
Is not too keen on getting into fights and if push comes to shove, he might be more likely to try and escape.

Sometimes he can appear a tad confused and lost. Sometimes he is withdrawn and a bit on the cold side. Is all of this his personality, or does he act out what is needed for the current situation? Perhaps he is not sure himself after all the different roles he may have taken through different jobs.
He has a bad habit of using sarcasm when stressed or things not going well. Though sometimes he is legit trying to find the positive details to focus on.
Mila Ross: Mother (b.1194)
Helen Ross: Adoptive mother (b.1189)
Alan Ross: Six years older half-brother (b.1212)
Luka Isova: Father (b.1187)
Cian is close to his mothers and his brother, but has had sparse contact with them since getting stuck in Ok'Kotoll. He knows his father by name, but has so far chosen to not take make any contact with the man. His father has never tried to make any contact either.
Currently unemployed for the most part - Picks up smaller jobs here and there. Whatever he can find. Both more and less legal.

Worked in his parents' shop in Garanenz (all from selling their trinkets and gadgets, to mechanical/electrical repairs of smaller items)
Did smaller repairs and maintenance checks on trains. Checking bolts, hatches and the like. Also knows some basics of the technological side of the transportation systems.

Has also done (and can still be doing) jobs with payment under the table. Petty theft, deliveries without questions asked etc.
Cian is born and raised in Garanenz in a family made up of his birth mother, her wife and his older brother. Cain's mother, Mila, was already pregnant when she met her now wife Helen. Helen was quick to take in the brother Alan as her own, even if she is not legally his parent, and also went through with adopting Cian after she and Mila got married when Cian was two years old.

Helen and Mila has a shop together in Garanenz, where they do all from selling gadgets and magical/technological trinkets, to taking on repair jobs of technological items. Big and small. From someone's watch being broken, to helping out with transport vehicle errors. Both brothers started helping out with various tasks when old enough (for Cian it was alongside magical studies), but while Alan stuck to the family business, Cian got sidetracked.

While the family was not very rich, they still had enough to live comfortably. But enough was not enough for the young Cian and he got in contact with the shady type of people that would offer him just a bit extra pocket money. It was small things at first. Delivering letters from A to B without reading what was in them, doing some small repairs of things outside of the business. Slipping some spare parts into his pockets while being out on legit repair jobs and giving them to other paying hands.

He kept it on that level for a long time. Enough to earn some coin to hide away for himself, and keeping the jobs discrete enough to not cause too much suspicion from people and authorities around him. Eventually, however, the group he was working for wanted more out of him. Wanted him to do a bigger job. The "do this, or get no new jobs at all"-kind of job. Cian was not told much details about the job. Just that there was a transport coming in and they needed to get into one of the wagons to collect something. And tools needed could be found in his family's workshop. Cian tried to back out at first. Tried to talk the gang into letting him just keep to the small jobs, but eventually they pressured him into agreeing to it. So waiting until everyone was asleep the night of the heist, Cian sneaked down into the workshop to gather up the items needed. Though as he was busy packing, the light was suddenly turned on and in the doorway stood a very stern-looking Helen. She had not been asleep, yeah classic, and had decided to follow. For a while, Cian just stood there like a deer caught in the headlight, and Helen was just looking at him with an expression of silent questioning and disappointment. After Cian had done a few stuttering attempts at coming up with a good story, Helen lost patience and dragged him back up to the apartment. There, he was sat down in front of two stern and scary mothers and could not do anything put spilling everything.

The mothers were angry, of course, but mostly very disappointed and concerned. Angry and disappointed that their son had decided to take that rout, but also from trying to steal from his own family in order to steal from someone else. Disappointed that he thought it had been necessary for him to do these shady jobs instead of coming to them about getting other jobs. They would have let him found another employer outside of the family if he had wanted to! Legal, honest work. The concern was for the danger of doing what he had been doing, what he had planned to do and the type of people he had been working with and for.
Cian was very regretful. Not just about getting caught, but he realised that he had hurt his family and that he had indeed put himself in danger. Could even have put the whole family in trouble, had the authorities found him or if he had angered the wrong people in some way.
The mothers' anger did not stay for long, but Cian had to spend a good long time working only inside the family shop. His former "friends" cut all contact after the night Cian got caught. They of course had had a few backup plans and their heist was successful. Wherever they went after that, Cian did not know as he never even saw the group again around town.

Life went on. Cian worked for the family. Keeping to the honest jobs. Sometimes he worked briefly for other employers, traveling around the region to help with this and that. Though while being out and about, he still could not keep himself from taking on small side jobs. No stealing this time, but it could be delivering unknown messages or go to meetings instead of other people. Hiding in the shadows to listen to conversations, or eavesdrop for information for others while working on other things.

One day while being alone in the workshop back home, a customer being in the shop approached him about a job. This person had heard from someone, who had heard from another that Cian could possibly get things done. This person needed a package delivered to the city of Unk'Kotoll, but could not go themselves. The pay would be satisfactory, Cian was promised. After considering the offer for a few days, Cian came up with a story about one of his former employers had recommended him to someone in another town in the state. As Cian had been away on work outside of the home town before, his family thought nothing of it. Cian departed, but not to where he had said he would go.
The ride to Ok'Kotoll went smoothly. Once in the city, it took him a while to find the right address, but it was found eventually and the still sealed package was delivered. All done, Cian started preparing for heading back home, but instead ran into the teeny tiny little problem called The Lockdown.

Now he is stuck in the city, with no idea for how long and what to do. What to tell his family once they start wondering where he is. Where he would even go when he can no longer pay for the small motel room he is renting.

Kotoll year 1245
Arrived and got stuck in the city due to the lockdown. He spent a lot of time at the start doing daily visits to the train station in hopes of there being any news on when one could leave, but as the days went on it seemed more and more unlikely that it would be possible anytime soon. While trying (and mostly failing) to not stress too much over it, Cian tries to make the best of the situation. Like trying to figure out how to be able to keep paying for the motel room he was renting and to get food. He did manage to find some smaller jobs here and there, but his savings were slowly running out.
As an attempt at distracting himself from the current situation, Cian decided to join the masquerade event hosted by the nobles at The Core. He tries out some of the games and luckily manages to make it out of the area when the Enforcers suddenly starts pushing people out towards the end of the evening. ({CURRENT} Tinta’s Awakening)

Cian's struggles with finding enough work to keep his room continued and with still no news about the current lockdown situation, he was not sure how things were going to turn out. However, things took a sharp turn for the worse after Sunjata contacts him one morning and asks to meet at a diner to catch up on what happened after the masquerade. The chat started out alright, but it didn't take long before they were interrupted by Enforcers sent out to take Sunjata home and Cian just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and got taken as well. They both ended up in an interrogation cell, before Cian was allowed to leave. find my shadow waiting/ blood and water)
After being let go, Cian has had enough of the Plates and was paranoid about potentially being watched, and decides to move himself down into the Drench in a very sudden impulse kind of way. Being very stressed out and a bit beaten up, he is soon found by Adam who helps him over to Nate's clinic where he gets to rest up for a bit before he goes on his way to try and figure out some kind of solution to his new problematic situation.
In hopes of earning some extra money, or to at least give the impression of being helpful, Cian joins a group of others to help hunt down a giant poisonous toad threatening to cause trouble. After some searching and a bit of struggle, they together managed to capture the toad. ( {STAKE OUT} The Horror, The Legend, The Toad)

With some luck, Cian had managed to find himself at least a roof over his head, even if it wasn't the most dry place once the rain season rolled in, but it was better than being out on the streets. Most of the season continued in similar style as the other, with him just trying to get by while slowly trying to accept that he is probably not going to make it home anytime soon at all. "Soon" was already way passed and gone, anyway. He had the misfortune to get affected by the new algae plague that came with the rain, just to add to his troubles, and he goes to help out working towards a possible solution to the disease and also volunteers for some testing in hopes that it will help out as well. ({CURRENT} eels, eels, give it up now)
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Toad Venom Vial

A vial filled with venom from a Slogs Toad. Not enough to kill someone, but if ingested it will make someone very sick for a couple of days. It is a cloudy red colour and thick in consistency.

Primary Mage

T2 Mage

Elements: Dark
  • Null | You are attuned to the null magic of the world and can cause vibrations of energy.
  • Attuned | Gain resistance to one element.
  • Choose one element for refined channeling.

T0 Militant

T0 Informant

T0 Artisan

T0 Survivor

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Participating in the Tanul Masquerade 1245