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Joining Guide


Welcome to Kotoll! We're glad you've found your way here, and we've put together this little guide for you to hopefully make it easier for you to become acquiantanced with the setting and set up your accounts. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask them.

Read The Rules

First, make sure you've read our rules.

OOC Account Creation

The first account you register on the site should be your OOC account - just check "Yes" on the question of whether or not it's your OOC account, and it'll be set up properly for you!

In order to register your first character account, you'll have to log out again. Please use the same email when registering all of your characters, otherwise the tally of your total IC posts won't work! Once you've registered your first character, link them in the Account Switcher. It is important that you attach the character's account to your OOC account, making the latter the master account.

Character Creation

So you’ve found yourself in Kotoll; be welcome, be wise, and beware. For though Kotoll is a land of water and as malleable as clay, before you can begin to define the world you must define yourself…

Character Account Creation

You will want to log out of your OOC account and register for a new account. This time, don't check yes for an OOC account.

The character accounts username should be your character's first name.


While stats are not something you get to influence super much during character creation they are still important, and we figured it's easier to explain them before we explain everything else.

  • Dexterity: Measurement of stealth and speed. A character high in dexterity will be better at spying, sneaking, and fleeing, as well as more aware of their surroundings.
  • Prowess: Measurement of physical ability. A character high in prowess will be better at combat skills, brute physical strength, and weapon use.
  • Attunement: Measurement of connection to magic. A character high in Attunement will be better at channeling and controlling magic.
  • Health: Measurement of personal health and healing ability. A character high in health will be able to withstand more punishment, and restore more HP when healing others.
  • Fortune: Measurement of fortune, both inherently and the ability to create it. A character with high fortune will be able to craft higher value items, and will be more likely to encounter favorable random events in the world.

Your Past: State

The country of Kotoll is run from the city of Ok'Kotoll, and split into six very independent states. Each state has their own niche in terms of livelihoods and culture, which can help to add richness to your character's past, or act as important plot points in their arc.

  • Unk'Kotoll: The main state of Kotoll, and where Ok'Kotoll is located. It is known as the decision maker state, and focuses on things like military research, weapon creation, and logistics. They rely heavily on imports and trade routes. Most nobles are employed within military, law enforcement, or legal work, with the lower classes working in similar fields, or merely with the running of the cities. The culture of Unk'Kotoll is strict and heavy-handed.
  • Garanenz: When it comes to most of the power and electronics for the country, you can assume it’s come from Garanenz. This state is the technological hub, full of scientists and mages (especially when it comes to magically inspired technology). Along with their technological advancements, this state is also in charge of transportation technology and often provides the other states with their transportation systems. They do like to think that they are like Unk'Kotoll, but in truth they tend to be much more relaxed and laidback. While they are very open to working with others the other states tend to view them with a certain amount of suspicion, as there's a very common stereotype of Garanenz spies.
  • Undunli: Undunli is a hardworking state, focused mainly on mining materials the rest of the country uses as well as material for arts and pigments. Their export trade is high, mainly for Garanenz for their electronic goods and Palladol for their high fashion, but also benefits from the other states as well. Because of the hard work in the mines and their dedication, their culture is heavy handed and strict much like Unk’Kotoll, though without as harsh repercussions for those that cannot fall in line.
  • Palladol: Palladol is mostly forest covered, with hills and ranges of smaller mountains throughout the state. One of their biggest exports is lumber, but they also have the best architecture minds in the country. Because of the hard work from the lumber mills and forestry, their culture is a mixed bag of strict and high brow culture, focusing in films and theater alongside their main export.
  • Stistun: Full of open fields with livestock and agriculture, Stistun is a picture perfect vision of hard-working farm life. They produce the most livestock for consumption as well as textiles in the entire country, often exporting out the majority of their goods from their main cities, but it is also common to find nomadic groups within Stistun that often have specific types of livestock they raise. Alongside other textiles, their main export is wool and leather. Insular and distrustful of outsiders they were the last state to join up in the greater Kotoll alliance, and this reflects in their culture, which remains very traditional and superstitious.
  • Dinalla: Known for their gorgeous beaches, Dinalla is the state that focuses on fishing, specific types of agriculture, and fashion. Their culture is relaxed, yet still sophisticated. This state typically remains self sufficient when it comes to producing enough for the state to survive on, but it does dabble in a good number of imports and has a heavy export trade.

For more information, head over to our wiki page about Kotoll's states!

Your Present: Class

Kotoll has five social classes, which we hope will help to flesh out your character and perhaps give them a small boost - the different classes come with different stat bonuses. The class is not set in stone, and if the IC circumstances warrant it a character can transition from one class to another. This does not change their bonuses, as the bonus applied when joining is based on the skills they have honed in the past.

  • Immigrant: Immigrants come from other countries throughout the world, visiting the unique country of Kotoll. It’s likely common that they arrive via boat or plane, given that Kotoll is nearly 90% surrounded by water with a small inlet north that may allow for some of the Immigrants to arrive through. This is the perfect class for those that don’t quite fit into the world of Kotoll but you still want that character to partake within the world. They have a harder time making a name for themselves within Kotoll, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
    • Immigrants start with +3 Fortune
  • Proletariat: Kotollians who belong to the common class. Stepped on, spat on, and generally put upon by the higher ups, the proletariat of Kotoll are a hard sort of people, used to doing what they must to get by. This group is considered the majority, the ones that do all the nitty gritty to keep the country running.
    • Proletariat characters start with +3 in a stat completely of your choosing
  • Specialist: Characters who serve in a military or mercenary capacity (whether focused in spycraft, combat, or survival), are considered specialists. They’re seen as slightly lower class to the Bourgeoisie and the Aristocrats, but slightly higher to the Proletariats and Immigrants of the country. Typically their past includes a lot of training for their profession.
    • Specialists start with +3 Dexterity, Health, or Prowess
  • Bourgeoisie: Kotollians who work and live in the upper levels of society, usually as artisans, mages, or medics. Often connected to the nobility, they live comfortable lives compared to their proletariat brethren. You can often work your way up to this background if you have enough money to buy your way in..or slip down from it, if your fortune runs out.
    • Bourgeoisie start with +2 in any stat
  • Aristocrat: The top of the top, Aristocrats are part of the nobility, whether by virtue or birth. Though things have come easier to them than many other Kotollians, they also tend to be softer, not quite as skillful as their hard-working cousins (but they typically have the money to make up for it).
    • Aristocrats start with +1 to all stats, and with bonus currency

For more information, head over to our wiki page about the social classes.

Your Future: Vocation

Well, technically, your vocation is your past, your present, and your future, but it is the most changeable thing about your choices surrounding your character, and the thing you will work on the most. The vocation is essentially like an RPG class - you know, mage, warrior, cleric, rogue... That kind of thing.

You do start as T2 - level 2 - in your chosen vocation, but you will be able to reach at least T1 in all five vocations. If you find that your chosen vocation isn't for your character it is possible to level up another instead. The current max level is 5, which can be reached in one vocation, and yes, if you change your mind on that too you'll be able to drop it back down and rearrange! When maxed out, you will have one vocation as T1, one as T2, one as T3, one as T4, and one as T5. The vocation you have the highest level in is considered your primary vocation. For more information about leveling you can read the wiki article.

Vocations have trees - essentially, paths. The majority of these are chosen when you reach T3, giving you some time to feel out your character before committing.

Each vocation has what's considered their core stat - the most important characteristic for your character's success in practicing the vocation. Upon joining, you receive +3 to your core stat.

  • Mage: Mages are the most obvious magic-wielders, mastering between one and four of the six elements. All mages can perform basic manipulation of an element they have learned, and in addition to this they can learn specific spells. For example, a fire mage may bend existing fire to its will, or perhaps use a spell to throw an exploding fireball. Mages can be either unbound - learning but not quite mastering up to four elements, combining these for a wide array of spells and utility - or bound, committing to a single element and learning to master it with the help of a familiar.
    • Core stat: Attunement
  • Militant: Militant is one of the most combat heavy classes you can pick, but incredibly versatile. Weapon proficiencies is their bread and butter, and you can choose to either be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades or to really go for becoming the best of the best at a handful of weapons. They have three different vocation trees: fighter, ranger, and leader. Fighters are more melee oriented, while rangers focus on bows and other long range weaponry. Leaders do not quite reach the profieciency of either fighters or rangers at any weapon but instead excel at both leadership and defense.
    • Core stat: Prowess
  • Informant: If you like being sneaky and getting into the middle of things without anyone realizing you are, perhaps Informant is up your alley. This class allows you to be stealthy, learn important information, steal from your enemies, and sell your information to the highest bidder. They are divided into field informants, who are the stealthy (or manipulative!) agents out gathering (or selling) information, and office informants, who frequently end up as diplomats and other officials.
    • Core stat: Dexterity
  • Artisan: Artisan is the least defined class, because it is the most varied one. Artisans do not have to be crafters - they can be painters, dancers, musicians, etc. They can learn to create speciality items and the like.
    • Core stat: Any
  • Survivor: The two different vocation trees for survivor are radically different from each other, and this vocation differs from the rest in the sense that even though you do not specialize in either tree until T3, you do still choose on your application which one you're aiming for, as it affects your core stat. Doomsday survivors are your typicaly post-apoc survivor, or perhaps the skilled hunter/tracker in the woods - they're trap-finders and scavengers, able to dig up any lost shinies. The other tree is the medic tree, allowing you to successfully treat injured characters and perhaps even open your own medical clinic in the future.
    • Core stat: Fortune (Doomsday) or Health (Medic)

For more information, head over to our wiki page about vocations!


This site has auto tracking for ages, which means the Time/Season will reflect when you pick their birthday. (If it's currently Tanul and you pick High Drenak, because it hasn't been that season yet, it will choose the age your character would be at that point in time. Ex. You want your character to be 25 but their birthday hasn't technically happened yet, pick it for a year earlier otherwise the system will make your character 24 to allocate for the season change to age them up.)

Once you've updated the profile, it won't allow you to change it again. (Don't worry if you mess up, one of our Admin's can help fix it for you!)

Choose your face

A character’s face claim should be a public figure. While not required, face claims are strongly encouraged to help other players have an idea of your character’s appearance. Players are also allowed to use art for their character, as long as it is properly credited whenever used. A list of in-use face claims is available here.

Not vibing with your chosen face? Players can change their character’s face claim for up to one month after their first post. After that all appearance alterations must occur IC.


Fill out as much or as little as you like! As long as the basics are there we are happy.

Here's some more ideas to help you flesh out your character, and perhaps give you inspiration for where to start your journey?


And that's it! You're ready to send in your character application. :)