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Weather & Of the Season
Late Drenak, 1245

The driving rain finally begins to soften, sputtering out into gentler showers. Gentler doesn’t mean less present though, if anything it seems constant, those few rare dry days now nonexistent. In a rare stroke of luck, the floods have been minor this year, thirsty ground and lowered rivers and ponds drinking their fill and protecting all but lowest levels of the Drench, knee high water a hindrance but not a disaster. On the Plates gardening projects have been started, fresh soil and small seedlings present in most public spaces, tended to by unseen caretakers, the fresh green a welcome change from the rust coloured water in every reservoir and canal.

Of the Season

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News & Setting

The Current Situation

Years after the Plates were created, with tension rising beneath them in waves not unlike the floods that ravage the Drench. The Drenchers (a slang term for the Proletariats that live within the Drench), rightfully tired of being ruled over by those that are so out of touch with their way of living (as well as literally building over them), want to fight back. The nobility of the Plates, hating change more than their hatred of the Drenchers, fight them back to retain their way of life.

Rumor has it a resistance is building beneath the Plates, but will it be enough to topple the topside?

Enough infighting has occurred that the Enforcers and Military from above have enacted a lockdown, trapping visitors from other states within the borders of Ok’kotoll, grounding flights and blocking the main roads out of the state with even more checkpoints and a heavier hand when dealing with what the topside views as criminals. It has placed a choke hold on the state, preventing most of the economy from continuing with the exception of a few hush-hush arrivals in the dead of night.

You can read more about the lockdown here.

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Health Hazard: Algae Bloo... 05-04-2023, 07:39 PM by The Boss

Please note that only Aristocrats and their designated guests may enter Point. Broken into four separate sections. The northernmost point harbours the Unity Garden. To the east, the land is owned by the Bravlet family. South and centrally located is the Kusund sector, surrounded by two man-made rivers. To the west one can find the Bratena family lands.
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This plate houses the headquarters of both the Enforcers and the KSF and is largely off limits to the average civilian, with few exceptions. The Trial stadium is housed on the plate itself, and the Capital prison is often lumped here as well, despite being its own separate plate.
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POE is the only of the plates whose surface connects to the ground below, a highway and several checkpoint funnelling trucks filled with goods into and out of the city. It’s heavily guarded, each vehicle checked thoroughly in and out, though that’s not to say the system is foolproof. (Temporarily: The road checkpoints are closed due to the lockdown, with no clear sign as to when they will be opening again. A convoy of upset drivers are parked outside and between the checkpoints, their goods wasting away in unopened trailers.)
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An entire plate dedicated to residences and neighborhoods, featuring a variety of living areas. It has it all, motels and hotels, apartments, to condominiums and townhouses. It's the highest populated plate out of all of them and also the most frequently visited.
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POSE is the second largest of the plates that make up Ok’kotoll, with a population that fluctuates wildly from day to night as the bulk of its workers commute in and out from the POD.
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running toward the fire 50 minutes ago by Erwen

The Drench
Some of the few places that get true sunshine in the Drench, Light's Edge refers to any of the wide canyons between the plates. Given their ease of access and surveillance, they function as a tourist spot for more adventurous plate citizens and the handfuls of squabbling families that vie for control of the sun.
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as above, so alone Yesterday, 11:22 AM by Ira
The river feeds into the lake whether it is roaring or barely moving, the final stretch very rarely truly drying out. The constant sticky mud isn’t the only reason people avoid this place - nothing that could call it home is anything close to friendly, even by the Drench’s standards.
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As you begin to slip under the surface of the plates, the sun goes from a suggestion to a memory, and the alleys become far more dangerous. The general rule of thumb is the deeper shadows are the more dangerous ones, but that does not mean anywhere in the Choke is safer than the rest.
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Not all of the Drench sits under the plates. There is still built up space bulging into the wilds around the city, though generally the spread is only to the east or west, the highway blocks the north and the lake and floodplains blocking the south.
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it was a dark and stormy ... 05-30-2023, 11:20 AM by Ira

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News & Updates,
The Helpdesk is guest friendly. :)
Thread of the Season 05-11-2023, 06:20 PM by Raven
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Player Resources

Adoptables 05-22-2023, 02:07 AM by Rayo
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Character Resources

Skylark's Tables 05-28-2023, 01:01 AM by Skylark
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Watermelon Sugar Yesterday, 12:41 AM by Daisy
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melancholyism 05-25-2023, 03:05 AM by Rexanna

Kotoll Pulse
I’m Teli Atantsi with the evening Pulse, our finger is always on the beat
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