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Samuel Tsinbrog
Nickname Sam
Pronouns He/Him/His
Age 34 [Early Drenak 1212]
Height 5'4"
Citizenship Unk'Kotoll
Occupation Strategic Advisor
Class Inactive
Vocation Militant
Orientation Work
Face Claim Gwilym Lee
Gender Male
Height 5'4"
Eye Color Green/Gray
Hair Color Ginger
Plenty of faint scratches too insignificant to name littered over his arms, legs and torso. A couple on his jaw. The worst is on his right thigh, where there is an actual dent in the leg from missing muscle beneath the skin.
Always professional and smart. Clothes are pressed, ironed and never seen with a stain or mark. Dresses in either a military dress uniform or a very simple suit on average days.
Sam walks with a cane after an injury to his right leg. He can move without it, but his steps are less steady and he has to go slower.
- Ginger hair - Greeny Gray eyes - Pale skin with freckles - Slim with muscular, lean arms - Always very well groomed
Regular Items
Polished wood cane with a bronze top and cap. The top is simple and elegant, a curve with some filligree around the edges.
- Order and organisation - Tidy spaces - Being busy
- Going to the Drench - Disrespect for Authority - Messiness
When agitated or thinking about something, he tends to run his fingers up and down the handle of his cane. He also often accidentally stares people down while thinking about something.
- A competent Drench uprising
Key Traits
- Professional - Rational - Ruthless - Respectful (to those he feels deserve it)
Sam is dedicated to his work and the Plates above all else and sees his duties as an almost religious obligation. Anyone in the way of that, anyone disrespecting that which he values - they are beneath him. Once, there may have been someone else behind these eyes, but that person hasn't been there for a long time.
Adopted by Bravlet house.
Samuel was born in the Drench to a very poor family; he arrived along with his twin sister, which his mother had not expected. The sudden introduction of another mouth to feed plunged the family into deeper poverty and it was apparent very early in Sam's life that he would have to fend for himself. That being the case, he used the only thing he had - his fists - to make a living.

While other kids in the Drench stole and made fun of the Enforcers, he studied them, made sure to have them notice him help them (for quite some time, he was known primarily as 'Sam the Snitch' among his peers). As soon as he was old enough, he signed up to any kind of work he could get that involved fighting prowess; he was not the strongest in many of the contests or missions he entered, but with a quick mind able to work on strategy and feet that kept him moving, he built a reputation.

Entering the lotteries to earn the title of Enforcer time and time again, he was finally rewarded with a spot in the Plates. A sliver of a bed in a dormitory and pay that was almost nothing to most people born topside, but a fortune to him. Ambition and spirit fueled a ruthless officer, willing to delve into Drench dens most would shy away from. 'Captain' was a name that sat awkwardly on his shoulders, but he forced himself to adapt. To learn the rules and to enforce them.

Military service had never been in his sights, but the promise of further respect and challenge drew him to it; again he excelled, the ability to put away his emotions and fight valuable to many - especially the Bravlet house, who he drew the attention of. His ability to win a fight through strategy despite less power was noted and with a new member of the family desired, he was adopted into the bloodline.

For a while this was the status quo, Sam working on the front lines in both foreign and domestic pursuits for the Bravlets. Ironically it was not in a battlefield that he gained the injury that stopped his career dead, but on the hospital table: a disease had taken hold of the muscles in his thigh and the only way to cure his body was to remove the sickness. While his mind was still sharp as ever, Sam was now too slow to enact his own strategies, limping even after months of recovery.

Now he works crafting strategies and plans for the Bravlets. In his private time, he still practices swordfighting and builds his strength, in the hopes he might one day be able to go back out into action..but as the years go by and his cane remains in his hand, it seems unlikely.

  • Basics
  • Appearance
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Primary Militant

T0 Mage

T2 Militant

Weapon Proficiency: Swords
  • You can use a basic weapon of your choice without hurting yourself. Usually.
  • Basic weapon proficiency | Add your PRO stat to all attack rolls.
  • Advanced weapon proficiency | Once per thread, you can choose to roll with advantage when using your chosen weapon.
  • Four times per season you can be paid to train with another character.
  • You have basic proficiency in any weapon you pick up.

T0 Informant

T0 Artisan

T0 Survivor

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