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The Lockdown & You

What actually happened?

A sixth Plate is being built in Ok'Kotoll - however, the foundations for it were the target of a bombing, causing significant damages and setbacks. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Plates typically blame the Drench, while the Drenchers typically consider it a stunt carried out by the Plates in order to be able to step up the Enforcer control and brutality.

Why a lockdown?

The general idea is to prevent the perpetrators from escaping the city, increasing the likelihood of them getting caught - it also has the side-effect of making it unbearable for everyone, so maybe they'll snitch on them!

How does the lockdown affect transportation?

Officially, not much goes in, and not much goes out. All official transports are cancelled and flights are grounded. Rigorous checkpoints prevent anyone leaving or entering by foot or by vehicle. However... the Scapes are large, the border guards only human, and not paid enough to deal with this shit. It is possible to enter and to leave, but it's essentially smuggling and the consequences of getting caught are unpleasant.

What were the immediate effects of the lockdown?

Aside from general restlessness, it had a pretty significant effect on the Plates housing market, especially for short-term housing. Many motels and hotels raised their prices very steeply. Plates hotels would typically offer partial refunds if you had to cancel your stay, and/or discount vouchers at Plates motels.

However, the housing situation is not tenable, and rumors are going around that a solution of sorts is being worked on...

What happens if I run into an Enforcer patrol during curfew hours?

If you're a Plater, you have little to worry about. If you're a Drencher, it depends on the Enforcer patrol you get. Some are more aggressive than others and won't just give a reminder. Sometimes judgement is enacted immediately which can range anywhere between a verbal warning to physical force. If a Drencher acts with respect usually the reaction is less harsh.

It's been some time since the lockdown started. Can I join a character that arrived just before the lockdown, and then got stuck here?

Of course!

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