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Isanti Levina
Nickname Isa
Pronouns Him/They
Age 22 [Late Kivan 1224]
Height 5'11"
Citizenship Undunli
Occupation Student
Class Inactive
Vocation Mage
Orientation ???
Relationship Single
Face Claim Valery Kovtun
Gender Maleish
Height 5'11"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Platinum blonde to white
Usually well-dressed, with care taken to the details. Good quality clothes, tailored to fit. Typically dressed in colors that complement his eyes, hair, or skin.
Morrocaw · his faithful king cheetah, born 1214
Isanti is kind of lanky, but surprisingly strong for his slight looks - it's all that running around with Morrocaw. Overall quite pale, though not sickly so. Long hair.
Regular Items
Morrocaw's collar · a fancy leather collar, set with a few nice-looking gemstones (though not the most expensive) and a small diamond
He's kind of sheltered and naive, absent-minded and easily distracted country kid - chicken in a den of wolves. Quite sharp but tends to arrive at the right conclusions and think of the witty comebacks a day late.
Mother — ???
Father — Ilqan
Sibling — Sarazheha
Undunli mining connections, mostly, spanning three classes: proletariat, bourgeoise, and those of the lower echelons of aristocracy.

Isanti was born in a relatively wealthy family in Desclef, Undunli - "relatively" being the key word. Some generations ago the Levina family rose above the working class, but their grip on this status is tenuous at best. It takes careful planning to remain above the proletariat. They pick and choose their investments and occasions, but they do it well.

All of this has, however, largely gone over Isanti's head. He grew up fairly sheltered and introspective, a quiet child preferring solitary walks in the mild Tanul sunlight and to spend rainy Drenak nights curled up with a good book and a cup of something steaming hot. This suited the Levina family quite well, even if it was accidental - while always polite, his antisocial tendencies and his somewhat different mannerisms put him apart from the other children of the mining town.

This meant society could forgive the Levina family their second child, the little rascal Sarazheha who thrived with mud up to their ears and ran wild with absolutely anyone who would come along on their reckless adventures. Isanti got the burden of representing the sophisticated side while everyone pretended Sara wasn't a muddy little rat.

On his 11th birthday Isanti received his most treasured possession: Morrocaw. Back then she was an ungainly bundle of fur and paws and teeth, a young cheetah, and though Isanti had always enjoyed being outdoors it changed. They would hike among the cliffs, race on the grasslands, nap in the sun or dance in the rain... Eventually, Sarazheha began to spend more time with them as well, and it started to straighten the young hellion out.

Given his predilection for reading (and the general opinion that he would be useless for anything other than magic or artistic work, as he was a decent painter), Isanti was tutored in magecraft along with his general education. Behind closed doors his parents saved up for sending him to Ok'Kotoll, to study with a savant for a few weeks - it would not be cheap, and the lodgings his parents had chosen were, of course, up on the Plates. The whole thing was just as much to show off their status as it was for him.

But things do not ever go to plan, do they? Isanti, cheetah in tow, arrives in Ok'kotoll just in time for the lockdown. Lodging is in high demand, prices are rising steeply...

Desclef, hanging on the rim of the cliff overlooking the Glass Wastes and specializing in cliff mining, it’s considered a midway point for travellers through Undunli and so has more culture and movement than most cities in the area, they’re known for the their colourful windows
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Primary Mage

T2 Mage

Elements: Wind
  • Null | You are attuned to the null magic of the world and can cause vibrations of energy.
  • Attuned | Gain resistance to one element.
  • Choose one element for refined channeling.

T0 Militant

T0 Informant

T0 Artisan

T0 Survivor

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Participating in the Tanul Masquerade 1245