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So what's the point of robbery
Regardless of the floor, he was sure they had both grown up in the same kind of Drench apartment blocks; mouldy and crumbling, full of the sounds of violence and passion every night, an odd smell permeating every room.

Thankfully, Ira didn't seem to notice it took him a while to read and he straightened back up, looking over the crates with his lips pulled to one side as he thought. "Yeaahh, but when they packed up and left you think they'd take the drugs with 'em. Doubt we're gonna find anything." Not that Ira had really implied she thought they'd find any right now, but he'd gotten his hopes up for a second and had to let himself down gently.

Trying to hold the lighter up between them for the scant light it offered, Adam followed Ira deeper into the warehouse. It seemed unlikely they'd find a safe full of goodies, but hey, the idea was nice, so he dutifully moved the lighter from side to side to illuminate the walls of the corridor they ended up in, looking for a sign for an office. As the darkness behind them grew, the neon glow from the world outside the window disppearing, he couldn't help feeling a bit unnerved; each quiet footstep they made sounded like it could have another behind it.

"...If we find a body, you're dealing with it."
When nothing is worth taking
Do not try me Devil, Devil.  Cannot buy me Devil, Devil.  You won't make a fool of me, oh no
Drugs or trinkets, she has little hopes of finding either, but the exploration itself is fun enough. Personally, she'd rather find a heap of trinkets than a bag packed with drugs. Even if the drugs are probably worth a whole lot more, it's not a business she wants to get into and she has no interest in keeping it herself. "Yeah. At best we might find some cigarettes in a dusty old corner."

She walks them down the corridor they find and tries to make out anything in the flickering light fro the small flame, still not showing any anxiety about the dark. Though if it's the alcohol blocking it or if it's just her might be difficult to tell. However, she is constantly listening for any odd noise, having experienced running into other people in places like these more than once and often the other people are not happy for the company.

Though when Adam mentions finding a body, she can't help but huff out a laugh. "Deal! I'll keep the shinies they might have in their pockets, then. And you get to deal with any live people we find." Hopefully the teasing look she gives him is an indication that she won't actually leave him to fend for himself should they run into anyone lurking in the building.

She spots a door ahead of them and moves over to try the handle; it's unlocked and she opens it slowly... Only to find a boring old supply closet more or less picked cleaned apart from a dusty bottle labeled bleach on a shelf next to the door. With a shrug and a grunt of disappointment, she continues to the next door and opens it as well.

"Oh, this might be something." She says in an exited, hushed voice (in case someone is hiding in there) as she peeks inside. It's not a very large room, but there are two desks pushed up against one wall, a few chairs lying on the floor and a row of shelves standing against the other wall. Some papers and maybe magazines are scattered out across the floor. "Not sure it's any boss-with-a-secret-safe kind of office, though."
What makes you so special, special to think I would ever settle for that devious dance between you and me

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