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Uldren Kayn
Pronouns He/They
Age 25 [Late Drenak 1221]
Height 5'10"
Citizenship Undunli
Occupation Gem Dealer
Class Inactive
Vocation Artisan
Relationship Dating Ira <3
Face Claim Dominic Richard Harrison
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black when not dyed
Shaggy, layered hair, ends are currently dyed red
Silver tongue piercing
Ears pierced three times on each side, set with a silver hoop on the top, an orange sunstone set in a gold setting in the middle, and a rose gold spike on a silver chain from a hoop at the bottom
Rings of varying types (mostly his own jewelry attempts before he figures out what sells
Almost always wearing dark jeans, some tears at the knees
Shirts and jackets will vary in color and patterns, usually his shirts are loud with a tempered down jacket to go on top of it.
His sister
A bad deal
Runs his hands through his hair when nervous
Likes to 'perch' on chairs
Paints his nails just to chip at them
Key Traits
Optimistic to a fault
Years ago, Uldren's life was mostly focused on selling jewelry out of his family's shop back in Undunli. It's where he learned a lot about the trade – the valuable gemstones, the ones that were worth next to nothing, how to sell con people on the fence into buying what he was offering. His family has never been rich by any means, hardworking people who had a history of working in the mines retrieving valuable ores and stones, hard workers that had spent much of their life’s income on creating a store to share their life’s work in.

His upbringing had him in this store quite often, the gift of crafting and tinkering allowing him to help create some of those particular pieces of jewelry he helped his family sell. And when he turned eighteen, the regular boring life of Undunli seemed to lose all of its luster. But he’s smart, and he knows that these skills could at least get him somewhere, and so with a goal in mind the young man stashed away quite a bit of money for the move – taking his sister with him to Ok’Kotoll.

They could never afford the Plates, of course, but the Drench would have to do. After all, setting up little shops here and there along Light’s Edge really paid well when the Platers came down and couldn’t tell the difference between a worthless stone and the real deal. It’s that which got his foothold in here, and the help of his sister when it comes to paying the rent of the apartment they’re staying in.

It’s been a few years since the move and Uldren’s goals have shifted to making a name for himself within the dark damp depths of the Drench among the neon lights. And so far, things appear to be going according to plan, even with the lockdown in place.
  • Basics
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Social
  • History
Primary Artisan

T0 Mage

T0 Militant

T0 Informant

T2 Artisan

Specialty: Jeweler
  • Core Ability: Crafty
  • Your mom always tells you she likes what you make.
  • Can craft 3 items per season.
  • Can sell 3 items per season.
  • Can sell products to NPC store for half value.
  • Can craft D-grade items.

T0 Survivor

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04-02-2023 by Ira
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01-13-2023 by Uldren
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02-11-2023 by Ira
when the seams start wearing thin
Neon Alley
Uldren, Ira
01-03-2023 by Ira


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