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Savera Rao
Nickname Vera
Pronouns She/Her
Age 24 [High Drenak 1222]
Height 5'4"
Citizenship Unk'Kotoll
Occupation Soldier
Class Inactive
Vocation Militant
Orientation Pansexual
Relationship engaged to @Sunjata
Face Claim Amita Suman
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
☼ multiple small ones from training
☼ larger lashes here and there
☼ ugly pockmark scars on back, scattered around like stars
☼ subdued, dark tones with gold highlights
☼ practical clothing - pants, belt, coat
☼ minimal makeup, kohl around eyes
☼ back is always covered
☼ long dark hair, usually worn in a braid
☼ warm almond eyes, thickly lashed
☼ rich bronze skin
☼ small but strong
Regular Items
☼ pistol, standard issue, well maintained
☼ talwar, slender and well made
☼ multiple knives. you won't find them all
☼ rain
☼ hard work
☼ chocolate
☼ control
☼ cats
☼ helplessness
☼ weakness
☼ the color yellow
☼ taking off her shirt
☼ fidgets with knives
☼ bites her nails
☼ her past being known
Key Traits
☼ stubborn
☼ aloof
☼ determined
☼ secretive
☼ determined, stubborn, and with a chip on her shoulder, Savera often comes across as cold. She has worked hard to get to where she is, and will work harder to achieve her goals. But beneath the hard surface lives a wry sense of humor, a hunger for freedom, and a fierce protectiveness and affection that conflicts sharply with her self-preservation.
☼ Father: unknown
☼ Mother: alive, lives in the Plates
☼ A junior member of the Bravlet House
☼ Engaged to Sunjata Bratena
Savera was not born in the Plates. Instead, she moved from the Drench with her mother when she was 12, and has been slowly but steadily climbing her way up ever since. But few people know this.

What is known is that Savera was late to join the military academy. That despite being less experienced than many in her cohort, she managed to scrape and claw herself to the top of her class. That she worked hard and kept to herself and if anybody asked, was born on the Plates. That she managed to impress the heads of house Bravlet enough to be given command of a unit at a young age, with the promise of further advancement should she stay on her path.

And that she is newly engaged to Sunjata Bratena, son of Arbiter Shaju, a coveted arrangement that neither could want less.

  • Basics
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Social
  • History
Primary Militant

T0 Mage

T2 Militant

Weapon Proficiency: Pistol (advanced)
  • You can use a basic weapon of your choice without hurting yourself. Usually.
  • Basic weapon proficiency | Add your PRO stat to all attack rolls.
  • Advanced weapon proficiency | Once per thread, you can choose to roll with advantage when using your chosen weapon.
  • Four times per season you can be paid to train with another character.
  • You have basic proficiency in any weapon you pick up.

T0 Informant

T0 Artisan

T0 Survivor

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Participating in the Tanul Masquerade 1245