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Ira Satra
Pronouns She/Her
Age 21 [High Tanul 1225]
Height 5'7"
Citizenship Unk'Kotoll
Occupation Server/Barback
Class Inactive
Vocation Survivor
Orientation Heterosexual
Relationship Together with @Uldren <3
Face Claim Jessica Matten
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Thin long scar along the outside of her right forearm
Long cargo pants (most common a pair of black ones with some small tears and patched here and there with different coloured patches), sturdy boots, tank tops/loose t-shirts are her standard choice of clothing. For colder weather, she often lives in hoodies or hooded warm ponchos. For Kivan, it can be more short shorts, laced vests and tank/crop-tops.
Lithe agile build, towards the skinny side. Faint shadows around the eyes.
Long black hair going down her back. Dark brown eyes. Got a very slender build on the edge of skinny due to her scattered sleep pattern, being on her feet for most of her many waking hours and eating something on the go when she finds the time. Still got decent strength in her arms and legs from doing a lot of climbing.
Regular Items
• Dark green canvas backpack.
• A necklace made up of a thin golden chain with a peridot gemstone. It's only worn while she is working at the bar.
• Drenak-themed necklace in moonstone and obsidian/onyx in a silver setting, made to look like storm clouds.

Found items
• Hairpin in sterling silver in the shape of a circle/wreath made out of leaves. Spiral floral pattern in the middle holds empty settings for small stones and whatever was hanging in the chains going down the side of the pin are long gone as well. (reference sketch)
• Days off the diner job
• Exploring
• The bar
• The colour green
• Uldren ;) <3
• Platers (especially nobles)
• Enforcers
• Working two jobs at the same time
• Drenak
• Hospital environments
• Sleeping too little
• Smokes (very bad coping mechanism while periodically being in denial about her underlying health issues)
• Forgets to eat regularly
• Losing her father
• Getting caught in some Plate plot related to the growing unrest
• Having inherited too much of her mother's health issues
Key Traits
• Flirty
• Fun-loving
• Confident
• Teasing/mischievous in a playful manner

• Bitter attitude towards her father
• Tendency to show a more unfriendly/sarcastic side when interacting with Platers (especially outside of work)
• Insecurities surrounding affection, especially when receiving it
In everyday life she often tries to just mind her own business and prefers to stay away from all the "revolution" talk. She holds no love for the Plates, the nobles nor their laws and while she'd like to stay out of trouble, she can't help herself sometimes and tries to mess with Platers and Enforces both. She still breaks some of those laws because sometimes it is simply just too boring to stay put and behave. Like ignoring the curfew and things like that. You won't get any trouble of no one catches you, right?

Tends to not be too fazed by people trying to provoke or rile her up. Often going for ignoring and shrugging it off, but if someone was to try too much she will start to bite back and not let herself be pushed around. That could go so far as to snapping at enforcers as well.

She has a flirty tendencies in her general interaction with people, though most of the time she's got no interest in taking anything any further. It is mostly her way of being and she finds it amusing (or perhaps to get attention). Though if she's getting too much response without herself having any further intentions, she can be quick to throw walls up or make her way out of the situation somehow.
Father Joel, lives in an apartment in the Gasp Alleys under DESPOT. Mother Lisel died of pneumonia when Ira was nine.
Dating Uldren

Her day job is at a cheap looking diner (with the money put on the food quality) below the DESPOT plate. She does a variation of things, mostly cleaning off tables and keeping things tidy. Does serving when there aren't enough staff. The place is very bare and boring looking with next to no decorations, but the food is good and affordable.

Night job is at a bar called The Bizu in the Neon Alley. Most of her job is to make sure the bar is stocked with what the bartenders need, but she also tends to tables and serves.
The one in charge is a man named Adrian who also works as one of the two bartenders. He makes sure none of the workers are being harassed in any way and is the one deciding which troublemaker gets thrown out. The place allows tourists from the Plate (and charging them extra) to come in and sometimes even make some extra money on people drawn in by the drama and arguments that can happen between the Platers and the Drenchers. But if any fighting breaks out, the Platers will always be the ones thrown out if it is between them and the locals.
The theme of the bar goes in darker colours to really bring out the effects of both UV and neon lights in shifting colours. Giving the place an almost night club vibe in a way, but without a dedicated dance floor.
Previous history
As a child, Ira lived with both her parents in one of the cheaper apartments in the Drench. Those that get very much flooded each Drenak. Both her and her mother were susceptible to colds and other respiratory infections. Her mother more so than her and when Ira was around seven, her father managed to work together enough money for the family to move higher up into an apartment above the flood zone.
Ira's health improved some with the slightly better living conditions, but her mother's health got weaker after each bout with an illness. During the Drenak when Ira was nine, her mother lost the fight against a bad pneumonia.

Despite the cheaper prices of apartments in the Drench under DESPOT, money was still tight due to a mix of rent, lingering medical bills etc, but her father refused to have them move further down again. Too scared for his daughter's health to go worse as well. As a result of that and also as a distraction from how bad he took losing his wife, he worked all the extra shifts he could and Ira was left to more or less look after herself. Leaving her to spend her free time just roaming around the Drench and exploring a lot. However, this more or less neglect eventually started to cause bitterness and tension between the two. Mostly from Ira's side, as she felt abandoned after first losing her mother and then her father barely being around other than being the one making sure they had a roof over their heads and food stuff in storage.

When Ira was seventeen she got hold of a job at a diner and at eighteen she juggled both that and the night job at a bar in the Neon Alley. Spending most of her many hours awake either working or just out and about in the Drench, avoiding what interactions she can with her father. Unable to let go of the bitterness towards him and him still not having gotten over the death of her mother keeps their relationship strained and tensed.

Kotoll Year 1245
During a regular day off from work, she met Uldren for the first time by his booth where he sells gems while she is out in the Neon Alley. She decided to buy a necklace from him and they ended up chatting about life, work and the upcoming masquerade festival. She also decided on a whim to invite him to come by the bar where she works some time. ( when the seams start wearing thin)
Met Adam at the diner she works at the day after the festival and kindly offered him a deal on some food out of sympathy for his hangover while they discuss what happened at the festival. ( Sunny Side Up)

This Kivan might have been the most eventful one in her life, and perhaps not all in a fun manner. She meets Uldren one evening at the bar after a few weeks of them not being there at the same time. Although Ira should be working, she takes the time to stay at his table and talk (and more). The two of them ends up having a very long and sudden date night after she convinces her boss to let her leave work early. ( Hottest haunt in town)
Not much is happening for a while. She hangs out with Uldren whenever they both have time for it (mostly whenever she is not at one job or the other). A couple of weeks of this goes by and then she learns that she is pregnant. She spends many days in more or less panic and existential crisis and goes full radio silence. On everyone. Uldren included. Eventually she manages to gather enough courage to contact him again to tell him about the situation. While fearing he would end up disappearing permanently from her life on the spot, he instead proves her very wrong. Ultimately, she decides to not keep it and while she doesn't regret the decision, she is still left with lingering guilt over the whole thing for a long time onward.
Some time later in the season, she joins a group to help capture a giant toad outside of the Drench. ( {STAKE OUT} The Horror, The Legend, The Toad)

The season starts out alright enough, though the new odd algae that shows up in the water after the first rains soon becomes a problem for everyone, Ira included. While she manages to keep from getting too infected by it herself, it might have sped up the progress rate of her regular illnesses during Drenak. Or perhaps the bad luck wasn't done with her for the year yet. She is alright for the first part of the season, but then quite quickly gets worse with the pneumonia the cold, wet season usually brings her. Despite this, she manages to partake in some efforts to work towards a solution to the algae plague ({CURRENT} eels, eels, give it up now/ I'm a little less than sold).
  • Basics
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Social
  • History


Toad Venom Vial

A vial filled with venom from a Slogs Toad. Not enough to kill someone, but if ingested it will make someone very sick for a couple of days. It is a cloudy red colour and thick in consistency.

Pit Cudgel

A weapon once found in the hands of enforcers, this one has been decorated with bright wrapping around the handle, though its not enough to distract from the dark stains up and down the wood.

May attack with advantage 1 time per thread (must state you're using the power in your post).

Primary Survivor

T0 Mage

T0 Militant

T0 Informant

T0 Artisan

T2 Survivor

  • You’ve managed to stay alive this long. Congrats!
  • You can bring an unconscious character back to consciousness (1HP).
  • You know basic first aid. In combat, you can perform basic healing (three post cool down).
  • You are a particularly good finder. Twice per season you can scavenge an item (rarity based on roll + FOR modifier).
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