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Adam Pikely

Played by: Lamreii

Time Zone
Last Visit
BST (UTC +1)
Nickname None as of yet
Pronouns He/Him/His
Age 30 [High Kivan 1216]
Height 0'
Citizenship Unk'Kotoll
Occupation Radio DJ/Information Broker
Class Inactive
Vocation Informant
Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Single
Face Claim Dev Patel
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown


A couple of shitty smudged skulls and clubs on his fingers that have long since faded and are now more akin to dark blue blobs.


Only one notable one, other than a few burn marks on his hands/wrists. It runs up his neck from his collarbone to just under his lip and is usually covered by his facial hair.


Lazy goth. Black chipped nail polish, casual jackets and tight pants with patches declaring various political and anarchistic beliefs. Always wears some kind of black shadow or liner on his eyes. Footwear is usually big clunky boots with some kind of metal accent.


Thick hair thats been made into a messy, unkempt mullet.
Large nose.
He's very tall and skinny, often giving the impression of being a stick insect.


Adam is tall with brown skin and thick black hair. He already stands out in a crowd due to his height, but how he dresses certainly adds to his noticability, with his goth-punk style and tendancy to wear the tightest pants available to man. He is handsome and knows it, though perhaps does overdo his eye make up, often having 'raccoon eyes'.
He probably looks tired, whenever you see him.

Regular Items

A cigarette hanging loosely between two fingers or his lips.
Two revolvers, cheap but engraved in a way that's designed to make them look fancy.
A pair of headphones around his neck.


Fun, sexy times
Alternative styles
Himself (sort of, it's a whole thing)
The Drench


The Plates and those in power/wealth
Serious conversations
Places with strict rules
Himself (again, a whole thing)


Smoking/drinking whatever you put in front of him
Laughing at his own jokes
Cracking random inappropriate jokes to get himself out of serious conversations and awkward moments


Plate law enforcement (though he pretends to not be scared)
That he'll die unknown

Key Traits

Maybe a bit too eager to do self-destructive things


Adam believes he's the main character of this story and dreams of being known as the cool, rule-breaking revolutionary that brought the Plates to their knees and changed the world. However, this belief makes him blind to a lot of what's actually happening and tends to result in him coasting along on aesthetics rather than action.
He's friendly and generally willing to help, even if he might put up a show of reticence at first. If you need to bum a smoke, there's worse people to ask.
He's very sexually free (and active), will tend to run if someone tries to make something serious and not just casual fun. It takes quite a lot to get Adam to admit to being close to you, but once he does, he's very loyal.


Father was a revolutionary some 20 years ago who was killed by the Arbiter. Mother is alive somewhere in the Drench. No siblings.


He sends his mother money and other necessities every so often.
By the time Adam was born, his father was already a known revolutionary and 'trouble-maker', hiding out in whatever Drench hovel would house him for a few days. His mother hid him the best she could every time the enforcers would come searching for his father - one day they came for the last time and when Adam was only six years old, his father was killed.
Not really old enough to understand all the politics, Adam grew up with a vague dislike of the Plates and a sense of deep unfairness. Growing older, fending for himself in the Chokes, he began to realise he had a name and a face that for a lot of people, brought memories of his father - to avoid the questions, he began spending a lot of time indoors fiddling with old radios and tvs.
He doesn't remember when he started broadcasting, but it's been several years since Adam gained a reputation for knowing things before anyone else and then loudly yelling those things over the radio. Working from a secret hub in the Drench that only a few know, his show goes out every night to anyone that knows the frequency and cares to listen.


Toad Venom Vial

A vial filled with venom from a Slogs Toad. Not enough to kill someone, but if ingested it will make someone very sick for a couple of days. It is a cloudy red colour and thick in consistency.

Primary Informant

T0 Mage

Elements: Array

T0 Militant

Weapon Proficiency: Array

T0 Informant

T0 Artisan

Specialty: Array

T0 Survivor

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